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Session Three:

Environmental Racism &  Diasporic Organizing


December 03, 2021

Destiny Hodges

Destiny Hodges (they/she) is a Black queer environmental liberation organizer and senior interdisciplinary communications major at Howard University from Birmingham, Alabama. They are a co-founder and director of Generation Green, where the concept “environmental liberation” evolved into an ideological framework and movement. As a student of Black liberation movements with a love for narrative organizing, Destiny’s storytelling methods are rooted in their lived cultural experience and connections to the more than human world. Their work is rooted in the belief that climate justice and environmental justice are key components of Black liberation, along with building community and solidarity across the Global Black Diaspora to build collective power needed for systems change. They are exploring the role of African/African diasporic traditional religions in movements as a practitioner in the Ìṣẹ̀ṣe (Yoruba) tradition as a priest of Ifá (Iyánífá) and several Òrìṣà (Ìyálòrìṣà). They are also the assistant producer for the award-winning climate and culture focused podcast The Coolest Show presented by Hip Hop Caucus. 

Jaylin Ward

Jaylin Ward is a Afro-Latine digital organizer born and raised in The Bronx, New York— Munsee Lenape land. They became familiar with community organizing through supporting power-building programs as a Girl Scout serving in the North Bronx. During their time at Howard University, she revamped the campus community garden, hosted a farmer’s market, and co-founded Generation Green. At Generation Green, Ward served as the Director of Diaspora Strategy and Media for two years, spreading the environmental liberation movement through digital media strategy. Jaylin’s personal research interests are Afro-Antillean Panamanian cultural expressions, landing a fellowship, and publications with the Pulitzer Center. Ward continues to use communications to empower Black-led anti-capitalist movements.

Guiding Questions

  • What is climate change?

  • What is diasporic organizing?

  • What are our shared experience of climate change?

  • What does a world free from environmental racism look like?

  • How do we make an ecosystem profile?

Learning Objectives

  • A basic understanding of Climate change and the extensive ‘causes and effects’

  • Diasporic organizing & ecosystem profiling

  • The need for EL as a framework/movement

Session Description

Climate change affects the entire Afrikan diaspora. Therefore, we must be internationalists in the struggle. In this session, we’ll dive into the intersections of climate change, environmental racism, and the Afrikan diaspora.  Join us as we share our experiences and research tools you can use to create ecosystem profiles of your community.

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