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fossil fuels

The Green Energy and Fossil Fuels Solution House agenda will form around the following areas over six months:

  • Identifying community impacts of fossil fuel industry 

    • Regional household fossil fuel usage data

    • Analyze sociological data on energy insecurity and disparities in Black communities. 

    • Fossil fuel loss, liability, and damages assessment 

    • Petrochemical product usage, habits, and culturally relevant sustainable alternatives

    • Transitioning fossil fuel energy careers to renewable energy careers

  • Identifying renewable energy sources and technology suitable for the geographies of the Afrikan diaspora 

    • Identifying the current and future harm of green-washed renewable energies 

    • Setting a global standard of ethics and quality for renewable and sustainable energy types and industry practices

    • Identifying the best de-colonized measurement tools for renewable energy source outputs and inputs (e.g. energy delivered, hours of labor, public health impact et cetera)

  • Structuring a regional adaptive plan for communal renewable energy

    • Planning renewable energy hubs, education programs and certification, and job training

    • Creating regional renewable energy access plans

  • Devising plans to form an international alliance of Black owned renewable energy companies and collectives to create an energy consortium to defend against withstanding and  post-climate disaster energy deficiencies.

Solution Houses are multidisciplinary working groups composed of representatives from each region in the Afrikan Diaspora finding policy and practical grassroots solutions to combat climate change and environmental racism, culminating in a comprehensive report. 

In anthropology, the term “house” focuses on the central elements that are filiation, alliance, and descent. In Ballroom culture, houses are formed of multi-talented individuals organized matrilineally and without regard to blood lineage. Houses serve as networks of safety to protect trans and queer Black and Brown folks. Generation Green Solution Houses function as a space to:

  1. Build strategic alliances between Diasporic and Indigenous Afrikan people in environmental business, education, and activism

  2. Decentralize labor or contributions to the market as a qualifier of personhood and respectability

  3. Identify policy and practical grassroots solutions to combat climate change and environmental racism



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