Solution Houses are multidisciplinary working groups composed of representatives from each region in the Afrikan Diaspora finding policy and practical grassroots solutions to combat climate change and environmental racism, culminating in a comprehensive report. 

In anthropology, the term “house” focuses on the central elements that are filiation, alliance, and descent. In Ballroom culture, houses are formed of multi-talented individuals organized matrilineally and without regard to blood lineage. Houses serve as networks of safety to protect trans and queer Black and Brown folks. Generation Green Solution Houses function as a space to:

  1. Build strategic alliances between Diasporic and Indigenous Afrikan people in environmental business, education, and activism

  2. Decentralize labor or contributions to the market as a qualifier of personhood and respectability

  3. Identify policy and practical grassroots solutions to combat climate change and environmental racism

Healing, Reparations & Accountability Solution House agenda will form around the following areas:

  • Developing replicable processes or frameworks for assessing, redressing and repairing, and ensuring accountability for external and internal harm inflicted on the Afrikan diaspora 

    • Creating a tool that opens access to this framework across the Afrikan Diaspora

  • Compiling and organizing data on stress and identity-centered phobias

    •  Outlining pathways for reparations

  • Community Accountability

    • Identifying the colonial ties to ethnic discrimination and outlining a decolonial pathway to healing and accountability

    • Strengthening intercommunal relationships to address internalized racism, sexism, and queerphobia.

  • Identifying healing mechanisms to deal with physical, geographical, biological, cultural, social, and political trauma

  • Identifying how we can transcend our ascribed identities, class, and geographies to heal and provide community care


The brief will address existing bodies of work, the limitations of the existing work, recommendations, ideas for executing said recommendations