Our Environment, Our Community

Mission: To work on behalf of Black Millennials and Generation Z who advocate for environmental justice. In doing so, we will expand our work to the greater African diaspora to: educate, advocate, lobby, organize, and engage communities. 


Mission: To further build the connectivity of the Black environmental movement and space by serving Black environmentalists to create a movement that addresses the intersectionality of Black social justice issues. We aim to serve as a liaison and conduit, identifying where within the movement resources are lacking and where they exist to mobilize and amplify Black voices and solutions.

Mission: To cultivate a safe community and avenue for Black youth to executively communicate their ideas and perspectives while learning/developing professionally and creatively in environmental justice advocacy; Using culture as a vehicle for abolition; Developing curricula and programming to engage youth to explore Blackness as it relates to environment



Mission: To Bridge the technical and professional world with activism of environmental and climate justice to connect careers, science, policy, and organizing; Advocating for a Just Transition while providing workforce training for those seeking green jobs

Mission: To use digital media such as graphics, videos, and art in narrative organizing to unite and amplify the voices, stories, and concerns of Black millennials and generation Z while actively discussing and creating equitable solutions to the climate crisis, raising awareness and making solutions tangible rather than conceptual.



Mission: To unite the African diaspora by internationally connecting and uplifting the work of Black environmentalists. Thus, inspiring others, sharing strategies and solutions, and drawing parallels between Black communities internationally that are disproportionately impacted by environmental inequities exacerbated by climate change.

Mission: To highlight the involvement of HBCUs and their students in environmental justice and climate work; Strengthening environmental/sustainability curricula at HBCUS; Thus, creating a channel to HBCUs for Black environmentalists 



Mission: To use art and creativity to reshape the notions and perceptions of environmentalism; Movement building at the nexus of EJ and Black music/ culture/ fashion, while uplifting the stories of Black struggles and resilience across the diaspora through art

Mission: To raise money to fund and support young environmentalists and their projects (research or creatively), as well as finding resources to support the organization