Session Three:

Environmental Racism &  Diasporic Organizing


December 03, 2021

Destiny Hodges

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Audre'ana Ellis

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Jaylin Ward

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Guiding Questions

  • What is climate change?

  • What is diasporic organizing?

  • What are our shared experience of climate change?

  • What does a world free from environmental racism look like?

  • How do we make an ecosystem profile?

Learning Objectives

  • A basic understanding of Climate change and the extensive ‘causes and effects’

  • Diasporic organizing & ecosystem profiling

  • The need for EL as a framework/movement

Session Description

Climate change affects the entire Afrikan diaspora. Therefore, we must be internationalists in the struggle. In this session, we’ll dive into the intersections of climate change, environmental racism, and the Afrikan diaspora.  Join us as we share our experiences and research tools you can use to create ecosystem profiles of your community.

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