Jaylin Ward

Diaspora Engagement Director

Jaylin Ward is a junior interdisciplinary journalism major from the Bronx, New York at Howard University. Her academic research is centered on the effects of involuntary and voluntary movement of African descended people in Central America on political identity, economics, social organization, and statehood. The economic scope of her work does not only focus on jobs, rather resources which most importantly includes access to healthy food. Her work in the District of Columbia has been centered on food insecurity solutions. She has always done community organizing through Girl Scouts of Greater New York; however, in her freshman year at Howard University, she organized the Mecca Market with a coalition of students acting as a liaison to the Office of Sustainability. Her partnership has grown to Intern Garden Manager of the Halo GREEN Garden, a horticultural community space for healing and free produce. In addition to her cultural and environmental justice efforts, she is the Brand Management director for mAK Collective, a multimedia production company centered on the stories of Black LGBTQ+ people and womxn. She is an overall multimedia storyteller with a plant-based appetite for justice. Through every initiative in her professional tenure, she strives to achieve inter-generational healing through access to knowledge, education, and real food.