Ayana Albertini - Fleurant

Co-Executive Director, Policy & Programming Director

Ayana Albertini-Fleurant is a multifaceted advocate for transformative approaches to solving the environmental crises that disproportionately impact Black and brown people. As co-executive director for the young, Black-womxn led nonprofit,Generation Green, she synthesized the term “environmental liberation” to describe a holistic framework that allows one to reimagine and tackle Black liberation, climate justice, and environmental justice as one. She has worked with environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Climate Action Campaign, Clean Water Action and Union of Concerned Scientists in the areas of policy, public engagement and program support. Ayana is currently spearheading the development of the organization’s policy platform, drawing upon the intersectional demands of BIPOC youth, the Black radical tradition and the political imaginaries of the early EJ movement to inform her work.

In 2019 she graduated magna cum laude from Howard University with two B.A.s in Political Science and Environmental Studies. After becoming the first graduate of the Environmental Studies program, she returned to Howard to contribute local environmental justice research to the curriculum and to assist with establishing a pipeline program from high schools to the Howard Environmental Studies program. This spring, she serves as Course Coordinator for an Intro to Environmental Studies & Justice offered by Howard and the National Education Equity Lab to Title I high school students from Flint, MI to the Bronx, NY.

Ayana identifies as a pleasure activist and a proponent of radical joy and rest. Ayana enjoys singing, yoga, creative direction, leisure and self-expression through conscious fashion and beauty as the founder of ‘Bese Bazaar’. “Beauty should never come at the expense of justice or nature”, says Albertini-Fleurant. Rather, she believes that redirecting the impact of beauty & fashion in society can actually nurture a community of care while sustaining joy. Ayana strives to continuously find balance in her work by promoting a culture of self-care and wellness at Generation Green and beyond. Ayana hopes to continue her career on the paths of law, environmental policy and community economics.