Destiny Harris

Cultural Organizer

Destiny Harris is a Black, queer prison and police abolitionist, anti-war organizer from the west side of Chicago. She is a sophomore, sociology major at Howard University. Previously she has worked on the #NoCopAcademy campaign which called for mass divestment in the Chicago Police Department and she is currently a member of Dissenters, a POC youth lead anti-war, anti-militarist organization working to combat US imperialism. Destiny is recently immersing herself into the field of environmental justice, as the movement to abolish police and prisons, the movement to end war and the environmental movement all have extreme parallels. They’re about protecting people and the environment. She is particularly excited about organizing about food and water insecurity. In conjunction with grassroots organizing, she hopes to tackle these issues of systemic oppression from a legislative field by writing policy to rectify these issues.