Generation Green strives to foster an intergenerational network, community, and platform that fortifies youth leadership in the environmental liberation movement throughout the Afrikan Diaspora.






Address the intersectionality of Black social justice issues through an environmental justice lens

Build a network of Black environmentalists to center our experience(s) and cultivate a safe space

Organize and mobilize a large movement of young, Black environmentalists

Serve as a conduit for resource allocation within our communities and the movement to amplify Black voices and solutions

Use media to highlight and address injustices in the environment(s) of the Black experience

Create a channel to HBCUs for young, Black environmentalists


  • Environmental justice cannot be considered without discussing racial and gender justice.

  • Without the presence, wisdom, and expertise of frontline communities, along with the acknowledgment and understanding of their history, culture, and issues, there can be neither an accurate nor functioning gage of effective solutions.

  • Use the environmental justice definition of “environment”-- environment is the complex set of physical, geographical, biological, social, cultural and political conditions that surround an individual or organism and that ultimately determines its form and nature of its survival; by this definition, the environment would include your home, place of work, schools, and community parks. These are the places you spend your time, and they play a big role in your overall health, happiness and well-being. 

  • The Principles of Environmental Justice (drafted by the delegates at the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit in 1991)

  • Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing (developed at a meeting hosted by Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, Jemez, New Mexico, 1996)


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